Our Expertise

We believe in offering solutions tailored to your specific security needs. Our team of experts provides professional consultation, evaluating your property to recommend the best CCTV and VDP systems for you.

Leave the installation process to our skilled technicians. We ensure that your CCTV and VDP systems are installed efficiently and configured to perform optimally.

We care about the longevity and performance of your security systems. Our comprehensive maintenance services keep your CCTV and VDP systems running smoothly.

As technology advances, we offer seamless upgrades and integration services to keep your security systems up-to-date with the latest innovations.

Your security is our top priority. Our dedicated customer support team is available 24/7 to address any concerns or technical issues promptly.

Brands & Associations

Smart Home Automation Solutions

We can make even the most complex tasks into simple ones, so that you can spend time doing what matters the most.

Smart Home Automation Solutions

Withstanding a rich and prosperous legacy in the electrical business that has not only witnessed the industry’s growth but been a catalyst in causing industry transition from conventional switches to smart automation solutions.

CCTV Solutions

We can make even the most complex tasks into simple ones, so that you can spend time doing what matters the most.

Gate Automation & Barriers

Ditec produces the highest range of Boom Barriers, a wide variety Gate Automation Motors

Digital Door Locks

Since 1840 we have protected homes and peace of mind. Our brand stands on the solid ground of trust, knowledge and heritage; making durable, quality products. That is why we still exist today and in more than 120 markets.

Various Brands
Security Alarm Systems
Fire Alarm Systems Etc.


One Stop Solution

Project or Individual Homes

The team is equipped to design, visualize, plan, deliver, execute solutions meeting your technical requirements & pocket affordability.

Peace of Mind

Secure and Encrypted

Deliver & execute, meeting your plan

Design, comfortable to your pocket


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